Opera Śląska w Bytomiu

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The opera theater in Bytom has been the pride of the Silesian community for more than 65 years. The Opera House is a building of a unique beauty – designed by Aleksander Böhm, it was built in years 1899-1901 in the style of neoclassicism. At first, the building housed the city theatre, which inaugurated on 1st October 1901. The theatre became an opera house on 14th June 1945 with the performance of “Halka” – the first opera performance in post-war Poland. Adam Didur, the world famous artist, was the founding father of the Opera. His unquestioned authority attracted first class artists and thus, Didur succeeded in creating highly valued cultural centre whose activities were based on authentic experience and genuine talent. In the subsequent years, the Bytom theatre became regarded as the leading opera stage in Poland and a breeding ground for new and fresh talents. Among those who had their debut on the Bytom stage were: Bogdan Paprocki, Romuald Tesarowicz, Anna Lorenc, Jolanta Wrożyna, Wiesław Ochman (also as a director). All former artist very often came back with great pleasure as guest-performers emphasizing on every occasion the unique artistic aura of the Opera.
The Silesian Opera was the first one to do a live broadcasting of “Halka” at Christmas 1945. As the first Polish theatre it was awarded the “Gold Record,” and the “Platinum Record” for the CD recording of Giuseppe Verdie’s “Nabucco.”
Since its very beginnings, the Opera team realized the idea of Adam Didur and undertook to popularize the opera by giving guest performances (both in theatre halls and in the outdoor scenery). The performances by the Silesian Opera are given not only in the cities of our region but also in distant location in the whole country, so that the map of our journeys has been expanding every year. The number of performances given outside our stage increased by 13 thousand within the period of 10 years.
The Silesian Opera was the first Polish theatre to give performance abroad, and it pioneered on the American continent. Since 1994, the Silesian Opera has regularly given performances internationally. The Silesian Opera enjoys considerable reputation in Germany, Holland, Portugal. The Opera artist have performed in Berlin – in the Herbert von Karajan Filharmoniker Hall and in the Konzerthaus; they were guests of the Munich concert hall.

III Międzynarodowy Konkurs Wokalistyki Operowej im. Adama Didura
I Europejska Akademia Sztuki Wokalnej
Śląskie - pozytywna energia Opera Śląska w Bytomiu jest instytucją kultury Samorządu Województwa Śląskiego Miasto Bytom

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