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For Rent

Renting the building of the Silesian Opera

If you’re interested in our building and would like to rent the theatre hall or other locations, please contact

Anna Urbańska  |  phone: +48 32 3966 888  | +48 32 3966 825  e-mail: aurbanska@opera-slaska.pl

We rent out the main stage and auditorium, the concert hall as well as other rooms.

The auditorium of the theatre hall can sit 391 persons and the concert hall is designated for an audience of 176 up to 200 people.

The Opera can also offer a lecture hall for 100 persons and the Wiesław Ochman tutorial room (on the ground floor of the philharmonics building) for 60 people.

You can organise various meetings, e.g. company anniversary meetings, receptions, award ceremonies, symposia, trainings, conferences, shows, competitions and other events.
You can also prepare a special concert with the participation of the Silesian Opera artists or the so-called semi-scenic version of an opera, an operetta, a musical or a ballet of your choice.

Any events organised in the building of the Silesian Opera may include official part, artistic part as well as a reception.

Main Stage of the Opera (the theatre building)

Auditorium 391 seats + 32 standing places on II gallery

Seats in the stalls:             222
I gallery:          88 + boxes 18
II gallery:         63 + standby tickets 32 (no seats)

Cloakroom – ground floor – for approx. 400 persons (coats).
Cloakroom, auditorium and foyer staff: 8/10 persons
Rental staff:  1 stage lighting specialist, 1 acoustics specialist, 2 assembler, 1 cleaning person, 1 firemen

The Adam Didur Concert Hall (the philharmonics building):

Auditorium 176 seats (maximum 200 seats)
Cloakroom and auditorium staff: 6/8 persons
Rental staff: 1 stage lighting specialist, 1 acoustics specialist, 1 cleaning person, 1 firemen

Price list:

Rental of the main stage – PLN 5000 for 1 hour, each subsequent hour – PLN 500, each hour before the event (preparation) – PLN 150.

You can hire Bechstein piano as well.

Rental of the Adam Didur Concert Hall – PLN 2500 for 1 hour, each subsequent hour – PLN 500, each hour before the event (preparation) – PLN 150.

You can hire Stainway piano as well.

The cost of hiring Steinway or Bechstein piano on site – PLN 1000.

The final price and conditions of renting the theatre are subject to negotiations and individual expectations of a customer.

The prices are exclusive of 23% VAT.

The stage with curtains, lighting and PA systems, spotlight, etc. – to be arranged with the technical department of the Silesian Opera:  Natalia Chrzanowska – Manager of the Technical Department phone: +48 32 3966809, techniczny@opera-slaska.pl

Rental of the Opera for the school performances and educational events for children and teenagers is subject to individual negotiations and prices.


Prior to signing the lease agreement, the lessee shall read the fire protection guidelines, shall accept declaration on lease conditions and shall fill in the lease form 

Annexe 1, 2, 3 to the lease agreement


Dear Sirs,

As of 21st February 2007 the Silesian Opera in Bytom is officially licensed to hire coaches.  Thus, we invite schools, kindergartens, transportation companies, travel agencies, etc. to cooperate with us in that respect.

Our offer includes:

Bova coach:  57+2 seats
 PLN 3,89 /km + 8% VAT = 4,20 PLN

Autokar Bova







Bova coach:  49+1 seat
 PLN 3,70 /km + 8% VAT = 4,00 PLN

Autokar Bova







Mercedes coach:  49+1 seat
 PLN 3,70 /km + 8% VAT = 4,00 PLN

Autokar Mercedes








Koszt wynajmu 1 autokaru, na trasie lokalnej do 100 km (w dwie strony), która nie przekracza 6 godzin najmu (wraz z dojazdem), płatny jest w wysokości 600 zł netto + 8% VAT = 648 zł brutto.

* Dopuszcza się decyzją Dyrektora lub Zastępcy Dyrektora ustalenie indywidualnych cen wynajmu za 1 km ryczałtu, w zależności od specyfiki wynajmu np. czasu wynajmu, trasy, czasu postoju i współpracy z innymi podmiotami, itp.

For details please contact Piotr Haber , the Manger of the Transport Department:
phone: +48 32 396 68 63, +48 503 150 531

III Międzynarodowy Konkurs Wokalistyki Operowej im. Adama Didura
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