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ARTISTIC MANAGEMETN DEPARTMENT – off-site performances and concerts

Contact:     Events and Advertising Department   /  phone:  +48 32 3966808, +48 32 281 84 39, e-mail: bszweda@opera-slaska.pl

What makes opera one of the most beautiful forms of art, is how it combines several artistic genres: theatre, music, dance, paining and technique.  It is, therefore, not surprising that our audience comes not only from all over Silesia, but also from more distant regions like Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź, Warszawa, Cieszyn, Opole, Rzeszów.  Our diverse repertoire allows our audience to admire what has always been entertaining and touching right here, at home. They will find a whole range of performances and concerts that are of the highest artistic level.

The Silesian Opera Bytom is the only opera theatre in Poland that runs its own transport department, owning: 3 coaches, 2 lorries, 2 minibuses.  From the very beginning the Silesian Opera has been performing off-site, travelling hundreds of kilometres each month in order to reach their audience all over Poland, and sometimes even the rest of Europe. If you can’t come to our Opera House in Bytom, we’ll simply come to you!

This is how we execute our status and fulfil our mission, which is to carry the magic of opera out into the world!

Our off-site performances and concerts are organised in various settings: in theatres, cinemas, cultural centres, churches, entertainment and sports halls, as well as outside – in the open air. Please do send us your request and we will be happy to prepare an offer for e. g. an open air performance.  There is no other theatre in Poland to match ours in terms of artistic, technical and organizational experience.  We work passionately, responsibly and comittedly for our audience.

The standard offer of the Silesian Opera for the off-site performances includes the following repertoire:

Composer/ title/ number of acts/ parts/ duration/ h


G. Verdi

Nabucco  – 4 acts – 2.30 (1 break)

Aida – 4 acts – 2.30 (1 break)

Traviata  –  4 acts – 2.45 (2 breaks)

Rigoletto – 4 acts –  (3 breaks)

G. Puccini

Madama Buttefly- 3 acts – 2.45 (2 breaks)

La bohème – 4 acts – 2.45 (3 breaks)

G. Bizet –  Carmen – 4 acts– 3.15 (3 breaks)

G. Rossini – The Barber of Seville – 2 acts – 3 (1 break)

St. Moniuszko – Tha Haunted Manor – 4 acts – 3 (3 breaks)


J. Strauss  – The Bat – 3 acts –  3.10 (2 breaks)

I. Kalman –  The Gypsy Princess – 3 acts – 2.45 (2 breaks)

F. Lehar – The Merry Widow –  3 acts –  2.45 (2 breaks)

J. Offenbach and others –  Beautiful Helen and others – 2 acts – 2 (1 break)


P. Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker with a narrator  – 2 acts –  1.5 (1 break)

H. Berlioz  – Romeo and Juliet  –  2 acts – 2 (1 break)

B. Pawłowski

Snow White – 3 acts – 2 (2 breaks)

Puss in Boots – 2 parts – 1.5 (1 break)


The Vienna concert – 2 (1 break)

Thou have my heart – 2 (1 break)

The Strauss Gala – 2 (1 break)

The World Hits – 2 (1 break)

From Johann Strauss to Andrew Lloyd Webber

A price list will be available on request. Our prices vary, depending on title, cast, composition of ensembles, distance and individual requests, and are of course subject to negociation.

Just give us a call or write an email and we will present to you a written offer, we will inspect the location, arrange for the date and prepare the draft of an agreement to specify the details.  We will see to our arrival, assemble  the necessary equipment, perform the chosen piece, dissemble the stage set and travel back to Bytom.  If your venue is more than 320 km away from Bytom, we will need accommodation for 1 night for our ensembles and for 2 nights for the technical team.  Our ventures usually involve from 80 to 160 people (including soloists, choir, ballet, orchestra, conductor, technical staff, stage managers and organiser – depending on the chosen title).

We hope to increase your appreciation, not only for the art of opera in general, but much rather for our art of opera and our Silesian Opera in Bytom.

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