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Budynek Opery Ślaskiej w Bytomiu

The Opera in Bytom has been the pride of the Silesian society for over 70 years. The Opera is located in an exceptionally beautiful building with over 100 years of history, which formerly housed the municipal theatre. It was built in the years 1899-1901 according to the project of Alexander Böhm, a Berlin architect. The building, which was constructed in the neoclassical style and can seat 423 people, has been serving the theatrical art since 1st October 1901. The official history of the Silesian Opera began on 14th June 1945 with the premiere of ‘Halka’ – the first post-war opera performance in Poland.


The Silesian Opera itself was established by a world-famous artist – Adam Didur.  His authority enabled him to form in a very short time an ensemble of dedicated employees and outstanding artists, well-known in the opera world. Soon the theatre in Bytom gained the reputation of the major opera stage in Poland as well as the ‘breeding ground for new talents’ as it was here that some of the great artists debuted (i.a. Bogdan Paprocki, Romuald Tesarowicz, Anna Lorenc, Jolanta Wrożyna, Wiesław Ochman – also as a director).  And even after they left Bytom, these artists have always been eager to return as guests to our stage, emphasising the unique atmosphere of the Silesian Opera.

 The Silesian Opera was the first Polish theatre to perform a live radio broadcast (‘Halka’ at Christmas 1945), as well as to be honoured with first a ‘Gold’ and later a ‘Platinum Record’ (15th March 2003) for their recording of Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’ on CD.

 From the very beginning onwards, the Opera´s ensemble has been performing off-site their theatre (in concert halls and open air locationa), following the idea of Adam Didur, whose aim was to promote the opera art wherever it was possible.  The Silesian Opera constantly performs on various regional stages, as well as in numerous stages all over Poland.  The number of cities the ensemble has visited within the last 10 years has gone beyong 15 thousand. Since 1994 the Silesian Opera is regularly appearing in guest performances all over Europe and even overseas (in the USA), where they are always kindly welcomed due to their excellent reputation. Our artists have been guests to the Herbert von Krajan Philharmonic Concert Hall in Berlin, as well as the Munich Philharmonic Concert Hall. Recently, our summer-tours have covered up to 80 locations in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Denmark.

Sala koncertowa im. Adama Didura

In 2005 the Adam Didur Concert Hall for 176 spectators was opened in the philharmonic building of the Opera. The hall is designed for small events and music forms, symphonic concerts and anniversary celebrations.


The Silesian Opera has published a book, edited by Tadeusz Kijonka: ‘Half a century of the Silesian Opera 1945-2000’ is a richly illustrated album chronicling the history of the Silesian Opera on 528 pages. It lists the most important events, reviews the greatest repertoire and soloist achievements, includes maps and places of performances staged in Poland, Europe and around the world, great anniversaries and famous artistic visits.  Altogether, the album includes over 1000 illustrations, sepia and colour photos.

III Międzynarodowy Konkurs Wokalistyki Operowej im. Adama Didura
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