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Bookings and Ticket Sales

Booking and sale
Ticket booking
1. Booking of tickets is possible after the repertoire has been approved by the Management of the Silesian Opera and thus introduced into the box office system and made public at the web page www.opera-slaska.pl;
2. Booking of individual and group tickets may be done either:
a) in person
– in the Customer Service Office from Monday to Friday (8.00 – 16.00);
– a the box office of the Silesian Opera,
Mondays (8.00-16.00),
Tuesdays – Saturdays (10.00 -18.00.)
If on a given day a performance is played, then one hour prior to that, the box office does not make bookings for other performances.
b) via the phone:  Customer Service Office / phone: + 48 32 39 66 853; Box office: +48  32 396 39 66,815, + 48 32 39 66 877
c) via email: bow@opera-slaska.pl, kasa@opera-slaska.pl
3. The booked tickets must be purchased at the latest 7 days before the performance.
Should you fail to purchase the tickets within that time, your booking will be cancelled automatically.
At every stage of the booking process the customer shall inform the Opera of any changes regarding the number of booked tickets.
Booking of tickets for a performance that takes place within a period of time shorter than 7, only if there are seats available.
Payment for the booking may be made either in person in the box office 1 hour before the commencement of a performance or via bank transfer to the Opera’s bank account. After you have made the payment, please sent the payment confirmation to: kasa@opera-slaska.pl or present it at the box office.
Group reservations
1. Group reservations (more than 15 persons) that are made via telephone, in person or via e-mail require a written form
TICKETS BOOKING FORM (pdf), TICKETS BOOKING FORM (doc) sent by fax: +48 32 281 84 39, e-mail: bow@opera-slaska.pl or kasa@opera-slaska.pl. Please indicate the payment mode (cash, bank transfer, credit/debit card). The customer shall receive a written confirmation (by fax or e-mail) within 2 business days from the day of submitting the booking form.
3. Group reservations that are not made in writing (booking form) and confirmed on the phone, in person or via email up to 2 weeks before the performance shall be cancelled automatically.
4. Groups of 15 persons or more are entitled to buy concession tickets.
5. Group chaperone tickets for morning performances are PLN 5 (1 chaperone for 10 persons). 6. Group chaperone tickets for evening performances are PLN 10 (1 chaperone for 15 persons).
The booking is cancelled without any handling charges.
Sale of tickets
1. The sale of tickets begins after the performances have been introduced to the cash desk system and after the repertoire has been accepted by the Management.
2. The tickets for the Silesian Opera performances may be:
a) purchased at box office of the Silesian Opera; payment in cash or by payment card; Mondays (8.00 – 16.00), Tuesdays – Saturdays (10.00 – 18.00) and on Sunday and bank holidays 2 hours before the performance. Please note that one hour before a performance the box office will sell tickets only for that evening;
b) paid for (after a prior booking) via bank transfer to the Silesian Opera in Bytom bank account: ING BANK ŚLĄSKI 62 1050 1230 1000 0002 0326 0724; the Silesian Opera bank account must be credited with the payment for tickets at the latest 7 days before the performance. Tickets may only be collected after verifying that the payment has been made. While making the bank transfer please indicate the name and surname, date and title of the performance and the booking number. The tickets paid for by bank transfer may be collected in the box office on the day of the performance.
c) purchased via online system at the Silesian Opera web page www.opera-slaska.pl KUP BILET.
Invoices for the tickets shall be issued by the box office after the customer presents the receipt;
Returning tickets
Only tickets purchased (in cash or via bank transfer) at the box office are subject to return. Return may only be made in person at the box office at the latest 1 day before the performance. Returning tickets is only possible on presenting the receipt. The box office does not exchange tickets for other performances.
The off-site performances of the Silesian Opera – at the Silesian Theatre in Katowice
Tickets for the performances taking place in the Silesian Theatre in Katowice may be booked and purchased:
a) in person or via telephone at the box office of the Silesian Theatre; Mondays 10.00-18.00, Tuesdays – Saturdays 10.00-13.00 and 13.30-19.00 telephone no. +48 32 259 93 60;
b) via bank transfer after a prior booking.
Attention! Bank transfers for performances taking place at the Silesian Theatre in Katowice shall be made to the Silesian Theatre bank account no.: 44 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 4666;
c) on-line via Silesian Opera web page www.opera-slaska.pl KUP BILET (bilet elektroniczny).
Mondays 8.00-16.00
Tuesdays – Saturdays: 10.00-18.00
Sundays: 2 hours before the performance
telephone: + 48 32 3966 815, +48 32 3966 877 kasa@opera-slaska.pl
1. The Silesian Opera building is adapted for disabled persons.
Please be punctual for the start of performances. The spectators arriving late will be admitted to the gallery.
The Silesian Opera does not have any parking for spectators. When planning visiting us, please take into account the time for parking your car. At weekends you may use the parking (free of charge, unguarded) at the Secondary Musical School in Bytom ul. Moniuszki 17 (next to Sikorski Square).
No photography, video or audio recording is allowed without prior consent of the Management of the Silesian Opera.
Please make sure your mobile phones are switched off during the performances.
Dress code – formal attire is welcomed.
The opera lovers are kindly requested to observe the fire protection regulations.
In order to provide safety and order, the spectators are kindly requested to take only those seats that are designated on their tickets.

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Śląskie - pozytywna energia Opera Śląska w Bytomiu jest instytucją kultury Samorządu Województwa Śląskiego Miasto Bytom

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