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As of 09th January 2013 the Silesian Opera offers the possibility of purchasing tickets online via the Opera’s web page www.opera-slaska.pl.  This system is for purchasing tickets only.  It is not a booking tickets system.
1.       General provisions
the organiser of the internet ticket sale is the Silesian Opera, ul.  Moniuszki 21-23, 41-902 Bytom, hereinafter referred to as the Opera;
b)   The terms refer to the sale of tickets via the internet web pagewww.opera-slaska.pl;
c)  The service allows for purchasing the tickets on condition that the payment is made the moment the tickets are ordered via Przelewy24.pl system;
d)   Placing an order for tickets is tantamount to reading and accepting the terms by the Purchasing Party   http://www.przelewy24.pl/cms,37,regulamin.htm;
e)  while selecting the “concession ticket” in the system, please be aware that you have to present a document confirming your right o purchase a concession ticket.  Should you fail to present such a document, you will be requested to make additional payment up to the amount of a regular ticket at the box office.
2.  Orders    
a) Placing an order involves each time undergoing the following procedure:
– selecting the date of a performance from a list confirmed by clicking the “BUY TICKET” button,
– selecting number of tickets (maximum of 10 tickets);
– payment for tickets via Przelewy24.pl service;
b)  The Opera reserves the right to close the sale at any time without giving any reason.
3.  Payments
a)  Payment for tickets shall be done while placing an order via Przelewy24.pl;
b) prices are gross and inclusive of VAT. Handling charge of Przelewy24.pl is added to a price of a ticket.
c) orders that are not paid for within the time frame specified at the moment of placing the order will be cancelled automatically.
Please verify the correctness of the transaction.
4.  Delivery
a)  After the Opera’s bank account is credited with the payment, the purchased tickets (in an electronic form) shall be sent to the Customer’s email address. The Customer should print the ticket;
b)  At the Customer’s request the ticket may also be collected at the Silesian Opera box office;
c)  It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to verify whether the tickets are correct and in conformity with the placed order.
5.  Using your ticket
a)  Each ticket has its own individual code. The code is generated electronically and made available to one Customer only;
b)  Admittance to a performance is possible only after an entrance ticket has been presented and verified;
c)  In case of purchase of more than one ticket with one order, all tickets shall bear the name and surname of the purchasing person;
d) Tickets shall be kept in a safe place.  As a consequence of copying, destroying or loosing your ticket you may be unable to view the performance.
6.  Returns
Returning your ticket is only possible if a performance has been cancelled, its date or place has been changed or in case of any other substantial alteration caused by the Silesian Opera and also in cases specified in the Act on protection of selected rights of the consumers and on liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws]  of 2012 item 1225).
7.  Personal data
a)  On purchasing the tickets you give your consent to the Silesian Opera for collecting and processing your personal data in the scope necessary for executing the order; in particular you agree to disclosing you data to the Silesian Opera;
b)  Customer may agree for receiving advertising and trade information from the Silesian Opera, including information sent by electronic mail. Giving your consent is not prerequisite for placing the order.  The order is granted by the Customer via ticking the appropriate box on the order form;
c) If the electronic service requires the Customer to give certain data, the Customer shall give data which is true, complete, not misleading  and in conformity with the legal provisions. Any consequences arising from fulfilling the form, application or any other documents with inaccurate data are sole responsibility of the Customer.
d) the Customer shall have the right to inspect the contents of their personal data, to correct it or to erase it.


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