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Season tickets

a) Subscriber may purchase unlimited number of tickets and indicate the seats themselves.
b) Season ticket may be purchased by anyone, both by natural persons and by legal entities.
c) Subscription may be bought for three or six months or for the whole artistic season (10 months).
d) Subscription must be paid for in advance in cash or via bank transfer to the Silesian Opera account. After the payment has been made, the Opera issues an invoice and a season ticket.
e) Subscription ticket must not be sold to any third parties, otherwise it shall be invalid;
f) Subscription ticket is valid for the performances of the Silesian Opera taking place in its seat or in the Silesian Theatre in Katowice (upon prior arrangement) except for the excluded performances, according to the repertoire.
g) The Opera shall regularly send the repertoire to season tickets holders and inform them of any changes in it.
h) current price for 1 subscription ticket is PLN 35. The price is subject to change. Sample calculation for 1 seat for the whole artistic season: PLN 35 x 40 performances = PLN 1400. Season ticket is purchased for all performances of the Silesian Opera, even if the same title is played several times in the same month. The number of performances is only approximate as the Silesian Opera arranges for the repertoire two months in advance. If there are fewer performances, the remaining amount is automatically transferred to the subscriber’s account.
In an opposite situation, the customer shall either make additional payment or renounce participating in the subsequent performances.
Detailed information can be obtained by calling: +48 32 39668 53.

III Międzynarodowy Konkurs Wokalistyki Operowej im. Adama Didura
I Europejska Akademia Sztuki Wokalnej
Śląskie - pozytywna energia Opera Śląska w Bytomiu jest instytucją kultury Samorządu Województwa Śląskiego Miasto Bytom

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